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Anyone can sell lighting on-line, only a few get up when the rooster crows and get the job done!

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No order or job is too small

Contact us. We can help with lighting layouts, rebates, lighting selection. Give us a try!

We want to be your trusted supplier. We offer a dedicated portal for you to order all your supplies. Let us be your trusted supplier, just sign up and we will give you 6% off all future orders!

Your most caring source for LED light bulbs, lighting fixtures, HVAC filters and other products for homeowners, builders, contractors, maintenance teams or purchasing professionals!

Lighting Rebates

Consult us for all lighting rebate program products. Learn how to work the programs. Call us or Contact Us and we will help you track down the forms and make sure you have all the right information.

Universal Waterproof Covers

We’ve got you Kovered! Our universal covers are easy to use and have a UV protective coating to help them stand up to sunlight. See them here!

Why Us?

Here at Rooster Supply, we want to build relationships. You are memorable and valuable to us. We will strive to give you a personalized customer experience that is hard to find in the modern world.

We are present on every level. We know you are looking for an answer, that’s why our goal is to respond quickly regardless of the avenue of communication you choose.

We want to keep you. We believe every customer is important. We would be nothing without our customers. Whether we’re in contact with you daily, once a year or this is your first time to our site–you can expect a high level of service and support to your needs.

Who are we?

Headquartered in Hiawatha, Iowa, Rooster Supply started in 2009 as Lighting Sales. Our customer service and problem solving skills helped us grow over the years and allowed us to expand from lighting to filters, batteries and much more.

We hire the best. We have 11 employees who understand what it’s like to be the customer, that means we know what excellent customer service looks like. We’ll treat you how we treat each other; with respect and care–like family.

We are honest, upfront, and committed to our customer base. Bottom line? You can trust us.

Our services include:

  • Lighting layouts for any space
  • Estimates for your next job or project
  • HVAC filter selection for business and at home
  • Sourcing products that are difficult to acquire

We pride ourselves in having the tools to find the right answer for you and great partners we can count on. Give us the task you’ve been putting off or let us track down your hard-to-find items. You’ll be impressed by the result.

Call us, send us an email, chat with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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The Dirty Little Secret Behind “Brands”

July 27, 2021

The success of marketplaces has made it harder for consumers and businesses to make educated buying decisions. The proliferation of brands and the huge increase in on-line sellers (marketplaces and websites) only makes it harder. Hopefully understanding how brands work will help you make better decisions.

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Watts the matter?

July 22, 2021

Today's lighting products are very efficient. Now many bulbs you use in your home are 6-10 Watts. Should you switch out your incandescent bulbs for LEDs? Probably. What about upgrading your LEDs, is it worth it to spend more to save one or two more watts? Probably not.


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The rest of the story. In our previous post we explained brightness and now we take on color.

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Trying to decide what bulb to buy? What is equivalent to the old 100W bulb? Here is an easier way to remember.

Lighting Sales is now Rooster Supply

July 19, 2021

Change is constant. We don't just sell lighting and we haven't for several years. Rooster Supply sells a full line of products including lighting, electrical, HVAC filters, insulation and many other products. Additionally, Rooster Supply has a deeper meaning. It is a symbol of our service to you, our customers.

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Rooster Supply, restoring customer service

June 10, 2021

Companies today put making money their first priority over customers and employees. Rooster Supply is built on the principle of placing customers first. When customers are first the rest will take care of itself. We are not about being the cheapest. Instead, we provide quality products at a fair price. Additionally, we have a knowledgeable staff that will go out of their way to assist. Whether that be as simple as answering a shipping question or helping you decide on the right lighting solution for your home or business.


Plan Ahead, Supply is Low and Prices are Rising

July 12, 2021

The cliche "perfect storm" is really getting a workout lately. This really does accurately explain the current situation facing consumers and businesses today and for the foreseeable future. My advice? Plan ahead.